Welcome to the Webcomic Name Shop <3

Webcomic Name began as a parody of webcomics, with the series launching properly in summer 2016. It exploded almost instantly, and I feel massively grateful of all the people who want to join me on my quest to make the same joke over and over again.

Since the series started I have been haunted by shouts of “please let me buy something off you” but I struggled to find the time and resources to make that happen. Its difficult to make a living from webcomics, so I’m hoping that having this online shop will help me to make more things- and thanks for your support!

Webcomic Name is largely a basic gag comic, but I try to do secretly artsy things with it. This shop is much the same! It is an independent shop run with love by me. The nature of this means that it might take 2-3 weeks for items to be shipped, so please account for this if buying things for a specific time.

Here are some obligatory links to all the social media:







Lots of love,

Alex Norris <3